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Essay Topic 1

Lucy is a character who goes through an awakening in "A Room with a View".

1) Describe the character of Lucy at the opening of the story.

2) Discuss the significant event that is the catalyst to Lucy's awakening.

3) Analyze the changes she has gone through by the end of "A Room with a View".

Essay Topic 2

"A Room with a View" is both the title of the novel and a metaphor for life. Explain what is meant by a room with a view. Cite three examples from the novel where a room with or without a view is mentioned and why.

Essay Topic 3

George and Cecil are two men that compete for Lucy's love. These two characters are very different, in both action and word. Analyze the differences in these characters and ultimately, why one of them is the right match for Lucy.

Essay Topic 4

The word...

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