A Room with a View Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Part 1, Chapter 1

* Lucy and Miss Bartlett dine in Florence, Italy.

* Lucy and Miss Bartlett are overheard complaining about their lack of a room with a view.

* Mr. Emerson offers to give the women his room with a view, which they refuse.

* Mr. Beebe accepts the room on Miss Bartlett's behalf and the women switch rooms.

Part 1, Chapter 2

* Miss Bartlett and Lucy cannot agree on a daily activity.

* Miss Lavish offers to show Lucy around if Lucy does not use a guidebook.

* Miss Lavish and Lucy get lost and find a beautiful sculpture.

* Lucy encounters the Emersons while looking for a painting in a church.

* Mr. Emerson reveals to Lucy that George is unhappy and suggests that Lucy befriend him.

* Lucy is uncomfortable with the conversation and tries to change the subject.

* Mr. Emerson tells Lucy she is in a "muddle" and should get out of it.

* After protesting...

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