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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Ma and Jack have for dinner on Saturday in "Unlying"?
(a) Mini pizzas.
(b) Applesauce and pudding.
(c) Hot dogs.
(d) Hamburgers.

2. What does Jack choose for dinner on his birthday in "Presents"?
(a) Spaghetti.
(b) Chicken soup.
(c) Pancakes.
(d) Steak.

3. What do Jack and Ma make a necklace from in "Unlying"?
(a) Flour dough.
(b) Christmas lights.
(c) Glass beads.
(d) Play-Doh.

4. Approximately how large is the room where Jack and Ma are held captive?
(a) 20'X20'.
(b) 8'X8'.
(c) 15'X15'.
(d) 11'X11'.

5. To whom does Jack write a letter while the power is out in "Unlying"?
(a) Paul.
(b) Santa Claus.
(c) Grandma.
(d) Spongebob Squarepants.

6. What do Jack and Ma have for dinner on Sunday in "Unlying"?
(a) Alphabet soup.
(b) Bagels.
(c) Hot dogs.
(d) Hamburgers.

7. What caused Old Nick to hurt Ma the previous night in "Unlying"?
(a) Jack ran out of the wardrobe.
(b) Ma slapped him.
(c) Jack's jeep fell on his head.
(d) Ma was screaming.

8. What does Old Nick offer to Jack as he hides in the wardrobe in "Unlying"?
(a) A chocolate candy.
(b) A piece of cake.
(c) A lollipop.
(d) A toy truck.

9. What do Ma and Jack eat for lunch on Jack's birthday in "Presents"?
(a) Steak and eggs.
(b) Waffles.
(c) Pancakes.
(d) Tuna and crackers.

10. How does Jack describe the book cover of The Shack in "Unlying"?
(a) "A spooky house and all white snow."
(b) "A tree standing alone in an icy field."
(c) "A spooky man with a white beard."
(d) "A summer scene in a small village."

11. For how long does Old Nick say he's been laid off from work in "Unlying"?
(a) 3 months.
(b) 6 months.
(c) 2 months.
(d) 1 year.

12. Who does Ma compare herself to when she explains her captivity to Jack?
(a) Anne Frank.
(b) Alice in Wonderland.
(c) Spongebob Squarepants.
(d) The Pink Panther.

13. What fruit does Jack request on the note Ma leaves in "Presents"?
(a) Strawberries.
(b) Oranges.
(c) Grapes.
(d) Bananas.

14. What does Ma do when commercials come on television?
(a) The turns the TV off.
(b) She turns the radio on.
(c) She mutes the TV.
(d) She leaves the room.

15. On what day of the week do Ma and Jack flip the mattress in Room?
(a) Wednesdays.
(b) Fridays.
(c) Tuesdays.
(d) Thursdays.

Short Answer Questions

1. What bedtime story does Ma tell Jack in "Presents"?

2. Who wrote The Runaway Bunny?

3. On what days of the week do Ma and Jack clean their room?

4. What band released the song "Tubthumping"?

5. What does Ma pretend to be when she and Jack play "Islands" in "Unlying"?

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