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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Dying".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ma's response when Jack asks her in "Presents," "What am I like?"
(a) "You're like an angel."
(b) "You're like Old Nick."
(c) "The dead spit of me."
(d) "You're like a knight in shining armor."

2. Why does Jack begin crying in the beginning of "Dying"?
(a) Because Old Nick arrives.
(b) Because Ma slaps him.
(c) Because there is no cereal.
(d) Because the plant has died.

3. What fruit does Jack request on the note Ma leaves in "Presents"?
(a) Strawberries.
(b) Bananas.
(c) Grapes.
(d) Oranges.

4. What does Jack play "Telephone" with in "Unlying"?
(a) A broken cell phone.
(b) A banana.
(c) A toy cell phone.
(d) Toilet paper rolls.

5. What does Ma make Old Nick promise before he takes Jack out of the Room in "Dying"?
(a) Not to take Jack.
(b) Not to look at Jack.
(c) Not to drive anywhere with Jack.
(d) Not to bury Jack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "Plan B" that Ma comes up with in "Dying"?

2. Where in the room does Jack sleep when he doesn't sleep in Ma's bed?

3. What caused Old Nick to hurt Ma the previous night in "Unlying"?

4. What day of the week is it in the beginning of "Unlying"?

5. What gift does Ma give to Jack in "Presents"?

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