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⦁ In "Presents," the story opens with Jack announcing that he is 5 years old today.

⦁ Jack is in the bed with his mother and they wake together.

⦁ Ma says she has a present for Jack which is a drawing Ma made of Jack while he was sleeping.

⦁ Jack decides to hang it in the back of Wardrobe where he goes to sleep most evenings.

⦁ Jack begins his day by counting the 100 cereals into his bowl and pouring the milk.

⦁ At 8:30, Jack turns on the television and finds Dora.

⦁ Jack is supposed to watch only one show but he asks for a second today and Ma agrees, because it's his birthday.

⦁ After television time, Ma marks Jack's height on the wall.

⦁ Jack talks more about things that are real and things that aren't; cats, rocks, and mountains are only pretend.

⦁ Old Nick does bring supplies, including Sundaytreat, which is...

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