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1. Describe Ozaki.

Ozaki is a samurai who lived in feudal era Japan. He has a young samurai who he travels with. His physical features are in the cast of the Japanese. He has dark hair and sharp facial features.

2. Why does Ozaki scold his apprentice in Chapter 1?

Ozaki scolds his apprentice for being foolish. During battle, he poses after he downs a foe. Then he throws his sword into an enemy and thereby disarms himself.

3. Describe Agat.

Agat is a very tall and powerful demon. He has the ability to shape-change. His skin is an orange-red color and he has tentacle-like attachments on his face.

4. Why does Ozaki's apprentice wish to kill himself in Chapter 1?

Ozaki's apprentice wishes to kill himself because of Ozaki's death. Without a master, he feels no need to continue living. He changes his mind and vows to protect the demon sword.

5. Describe Billy.

Billy is a middle-aged man. He is bald and slightly overweight. He has no arms or legs and speaks simply.

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