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Beautiful Japan

Use pictures from the graphic novel as reference for this activity. Look at pages 1-7 in Chapter 1. Make a list of all the scenic elements that makes Japan distinctive. Compare your list with the lists of your peers.


Create your own description of Agat. Make him just as fearsome as he is in the story, but with a twist. Give him powers other than the shape-shifting power he has in Ronin. Group up and read your description to your group mates.

Poem for my Master

Write a poem dedicated to Ozaki as written by his apprentice. Make sure to include all of the things important in a master/apprentice relationship.

The Bloodsword

Construct a replica of the Bloodsword using materials found around the classroom. Have a contest to see who can create the most realistic and beautiful sword.

Samurai Display

Use pictures from the graphic...

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