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Chapter 1

• The story opens with a diary entry from Casey McKenna.

• Scene transitions to feudal Japan.

• Ozaki travels across the land with his apprentice.

• Demons attack the two men.

• Ozaki and his apprentice celebrate the demons' defeat back at the castle.
• Ozaki is killed by Agat.

• Ozaki's apprentice tries to commit ceremonial suicide, but does not go through with it.

• Scene transitions to Billy in Aquarius Complex.

• Billy shows off his telekinetic ability to visitors.

• Billy dreams of a woman, a man, and a child in feudal Japan.
• The man in Billy's dream, Ronin, is attacked by a rat demon.

• Ronin faces Agat.

• Ronin stabs himself and Agat.

• Billy wakes up, his mind full of terror.

• Alarms go off in the building.
• Virgo turns on the screens and shows Agat killing guards.

• Billy begins to change in appearance.

• An explosion rocks the complex.

• Agat declares that he has...

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