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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Juliet say to her mother and the nurse instead of "goodnight"?
(a) Farewell.
(b) Good riddance.
(c) Bon voyage.
(d) Good morrow.

2. Why does Juliet refuse to go to her grieving parents?
(a) She suggests she will go to her room and kill herself out of grief for Romeo.
(b) She says she will go find Romeo and give him a message.
(c) She says she will be too busy making arrangements for her wedding night.
(d) She suggests she is already angry with her parents.

3. What is Paris' response to the scheduled wedding date?
(a) He wishes Juliet would make up her mind.
(b) He wishes it would come sooner.
(c) He wishes he had more time to prepare.
(d) He wishes it were over.

4. What finally causes Romeo to fight?
(a) Tybalt's taunts.
(b) Mercutio's death and Tybalt's triumph.
(c) Mercutio's condemnation of the families.
(d) Romeo's pride.

5. At the end of Act 3, Scene 3, Romeo leaves the friar to do what?
(a) Go see the Prince.
(b) Go visit Juliet.
(c) Go see his father.
(d) Go bury Mercutio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mercutio says the two houses have made "worm's meat" of him because ___________________.

2. When Capulet hears of Juliet's refusal to marry Paris, he does what?

3. What proof does the Prince find for the events that took place?

4. Capulet believes Juliet will cooperate with the wedding plans fully because __________________.

5. Friar Laurence advises the Capulets to do what in Act 4, Scene 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Prince banish Romeo instead of ordering his death?

2. Why does Friar Laurence ask for an "iron crow" when he learns that Romeo did not get his letter?

3. What is Friar Laurence's plan for Juliet now that the letter has failed to reach Romeo?

4. In what way has Romeo sold the apothecary "poison"?

5. In Act 3, Scene 4, Lady Capulet says she will "know Juliet's mind" early the next day. What does this suggest about Juliet's role in the marriage?

6. What does Juliet plan to do if the potion does not work?

7. What is Juliet's first speech about in Act 3, Scene 2?

8. Why does Mercutio fight Tybalt instead of Romeo?

9. How has Romeo's name "murdered" Juliet?

10. Why does Juliet threaten to kill herself in Act 4, Scene 1?

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