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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why must Romeo and Juliet must "steal" their love?
(a) They do not really know each other.
(b) They cannot reveal it to either family.
(c) They have to hide their love from Rosaline.
(d) They cannot reveal it legally.

2. Romeo arranges to send a man to the nurse with _______________.
(a) Money to escape to Mantua with him.
(b) Ropes to tie up the guard so he can climb to Juliet's room.
(c) Ropes to make a ladder to climb to Juliet's room.
(d) Money to use as a bribe for the guards outside Juliet's room.

3. Juliet considers herself wealthy in Act 2, Scene 6 because __________.
(a) She will have a large inheritance.
(b) Her father is wealthy.
(c) She has true love.
(d) Romeo's family is wealthy.

4. In Act 2, Scene 5, the nurse says that Juliet's choice in Romeo is ___________.
(a) Upsetting to her parents.
(b) Too hasty.
(c) Wise beyond her years.
(d) Simple or foolish.

5. The nurse's statement, "Women grow by men," alludes to what?
(a) Pregnancy.
(b) Responsibilty.
(c) Wealth.
(d) Social status.

6. At the end of Act 1, Scene 2, Romeo agrees to do what?
(a) Attend the party to admire Rosaline.
(b) Attend the party to meet Juliet.
(c) Attend the party to anger the Capulets.
(d) Attend the party to make his parents happy.

7. Romeo claims his love for Juliet is different from his love for Rosaline because ________________.
(a) Rosaline loves him back, while Juliet did not.
(b) Juliet loves him back, where Rosaline did not.
(c) Juliet is his enemy, while Rosaline was not.
(d) Juliet is wealthy, while Rosaline was not.

8. Romeo and Juliet's love is described as star-crossed, which means ____________.
(a) Famous.
(b) Lost.
(c) Planned by God.
(d) Ill-fated.

9. What does Romeo decide to do at the start of Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Return to the Capulet's house to find Rosaline.
(b) Leave his friends and go home.
(c) Go home with his friends.
(d) Return to the Capulet's house to find Juliet.

10. Why does Juliet tells Romeo not to swear his love by the moon?
(a) She thinks comparisons to the moon are corny.
(b) She cannot see the moon on cloudy nights.
(c) The moon is constantly changing.
(d) The moon is symbolically evil.

11. At the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2, Capulet and Paris discuss _________.
(a) The Prince's declaration about the feud.
(b) Romeo's discouragement over Rosaline.
(c) The feud between the families.
(d) The upcoming party at Capulet's house.

12. The Prince reveals that there have already been ____________.
(a) Six battles between families.
(b) Four battles between families.
(c) Three battles between families.
(d) Two battles between families.

13. The friar compares too-passionate love to what?
(a) Swords and guns.
(b) Gunpowder and bullets.
(c) Fire and gunpowder.
(d) Fire and water.

14. Who advises Romeo to "beat love down"?
(a) Benvolio.
(b) Tybalt.
(c) Mercutio.
(d) Balthasar.

15. The prologue of Act 2 reveals that despite difficulty, __________________.
(a) The lovers will learn to love each other.
(b) The lovers will overcome their families and be happy.
(c) The lovers will still have a chance to tell their families about their love.
(d) The lovers will still have a chance to meet and be together.

Short Answer Questions

1. Finally, the nurse advises Juliet to ____________.

2. When Tybalt discovers Romeo's presence at the Capulet party, he does what?

3. Friar Laurence chastises Romeo for what?

4. The grudge between feuding families is described as _______.

5. Benvolio and Mercutio believe Romeo is hiding in Act 2, Scene 1 because __________________.

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