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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Juliet claims she met Paris at the friar's cell and ____________.
(a) Told him to postpone the wedding.
(b) Encouraged him modestly.
(c) Apologized for her earlier behavior.
(d) Declared her love for him openly.

2. Where are Romeo and his friends going during Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) To the Montague's party.
(b) To the Capulet's party.
(c) To Romeo's party.
(d) To the friar's cell.

3. What ultimately ends the feud between the Capulets and Montagues?
(a) A desperate plea from Romeo and Juliet.
(b) The prince's exile of both families.
(c) A final, decisive battle.
(d) The deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

4. Juliet first believes that who is dead in Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) Mercutio.
(b) Tybalt.
(c) Paris.
(d) Romeo.

5. Mercutio asks Romeo to leave the nurse and do what?
(a) Come to the Capulet's party.
(b) Come to his father's house for dinner.
(c) Come to view other beauties.
(d) Come to meet Tybalt's challenge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is looking for Juliet at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 3?

2. Juliet claims the nightingale is still singing because ________________.

3. in Act 2, Scene 6, the friar prays that the heavens will do what?

4. The girl Romeo loves "has Dian's wit," which means _______.

5. Mercutio says the two houses have made "worm's meat" of him because ___________________.

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