Daily Lessons for Teaching Romeo and Juliet

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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Prologue)


In this Daily Lesson, students will consider the conflicts revealed in the Act I prologue such as the feud between families, the doomed love of the title characters, etc.


1) Small Group Activity: Students will identify a conflict apparent in the Act I prologue. Students will share their discoveries with the class, using specific examples from the prologue to support their ideas.

2) Class Activity: Students will brainstorm a list of conflicts identified in the prologue. Reviewing the list, students will discuss the language of the text itself, identifying specific lines that reveal the conflicts.

3) Class Discussion: Students will discuss the conflicts revealed in the prologue, then discussing the benefits and limitations of revealing key conflicts before the play begins.

4) Homework: Students will write a one-page essay describing a conflict revealed in the prologue that they anticipate will be the most significant to events of the play...

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