Romeo and Juliet Fun Activities

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Modern Romeos

Students will consider modern public figures from seemingly opposed circumstances (religions, political views, socio-economic standings) and discuss the possible outcomes of a romance between members of these opposing sides.

It's Punny

Students will attempt to write a ten-line or five-sentence speech on any subject that uses at least five puns to communicate its meaning. Students will share these aloud.

Different Takes

In small groups, students will practice performing the same short scene from the play. Each group will perform the scene; the class will then discuss the differences between the group's performances. Group members will explain their decisions in performing the skit.


In small groups, students will rewrite a scene between any two characters in the play so that their dialogue reflects the form of an interlocking sonnet, as Romeo and Juliet's dialogue does during their meeting in Act I, Scene 5.

Casting Call

In small...

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