Romeo and Juliet Character Descriptions

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A servant of the Montague's, this character appears in the first scene of the play and quarrels with two Capulet servants.


This character is a servant of the Capulet household.


This character is a druggist in Mantua, and sells the male protagonist a deadly, fast-acting poison.


These characters are described as the prince's Train in I.i.


This loyal servant to mail protagonist rushes to Mantua to bring the news of the protagonist's love's "death" to him.


A cousin and friend to the male protagonist, this character is a loyal friend and a peace-maker.

Capulet (Lady Capulet)

This character is the wife of a Lord and the female lead's mother.

Capulet (Lord Capulet)

A leading citizen of Verona and head of one of the two feuding families, this character's moods seems to fluctuate between light-hearted and enraged.

Catling (Simon Catling)

This character...

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