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Act 1, Prologue

• In Verona, Italy, two prominent families are feuding.

• Romeo and Juliet, from opposing families, meet and fall in love.

• Their love is destined for catastrophe because of the ongoing feud.

• However, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet's deaths finally brings and end to the "strife" between the families.

Act 1, Scene 1

• Samson and Gregory, two servants of the Capulet family, walk through Verona's streets talking about the feud with the Montagues.

• Shortly, they encounter Abram, a servant of the Montagues, and provoke him into a fight.

• Soon others join in and the fight, notably Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, whose temper is renowned.

• Tybalt challenges Romeo's cousin Benvolio, who has not been fighting, and Benvolio attempts to keep peace between the families.

• Tybalt's anger will not be assuaged, and soon many others, including Benvolio, are drawn into the fight.
• Both Capulet and Montague, heads of their respective families, come...

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