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Steven Saylor
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Short Answer Questions

1. Rufus learns that ___________________ was the one who bought the Roscius estate at auction.

2. What is the most important piece of information that Felix and Chrestus tell Gordianus?

3. How does Roscius react to the information about Elena and her baby?

4. How does Cicero react to the information Gordianus learned in Ameria?

5. Who is Metrobius?

Short Essay Questions

1. On the second visit to Carus, what does Gordianus find out?

2. Who bought Roscius's property at auction?

3. Titus Megarus confirms what suspicions of Gordianus?

4. Why does Gordianus want to be invited to dinner at the home of Titus Megarus?

5. How does Roscia's confession affect Tiro?

6. What did Titus and the other local landowners do to try to restore the land to Roscius (filius)?

7. Do you think the old blind man at the tavern is wise? Or crazy?

8. What is suspicious about what Carus tells Gordianus?

9. Titus tells Gordianus that the locals were told that Roscius was on the proscription list and therefore his property would be sold at auction. Why does Gordianus find this odd?

10. Gordianus goes to the Roscius's villa. Does he have a plan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Gordianus grow and become a better person through the course of the book? Back up your answer with evidence from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of Chapter 4, Gordianus makes a reference to Oedipus. To what does this allusion refer? Why is it relevant in this story? Compare and contrast the story of Oedipus to the plot of this novel. What does this allusion show about Gordianus? How does it contribute to his credibility as a narrator?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of corruption in Roman Blood. What is the overall conclusion to draw about corruption as a them in this novel?

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