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Steven Saylor
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gordianus react when Titus mentions the name Chrysogonus?
(a) He recognizes it as the "partner" Carus told him bought the slaves Felix and Chrestus.
(b) He faints and hits his head against the stone wall.
(c) He slaps his hand on his leg and mutters, "I knew it."
(d) He does not react at all, because he is not sure he can trust Titus.

2. What did Gordianus see the guard doing with blood?
(a) Writing a message on his wall.
(b) Making a sacrifice to a god.
(c) Drinking it.
(d) Mopping it all around the floor.

3. After the petition by Titus and fellow landowners, what became of Roscius (filius)?
(a) He was kicked off the farm and sent into exile.
(b) He was dragged to Rome and imprisoned.
(c) He was charged with his father's murder.
(d) His family deserted him.

4. What does the tavern owner tell Gordianus that he finds hard to believe?
(a) Someone in Ameria saw Roscius kill Gaius.
(b) Everyone there thinks Roscius was declared an enemy of Sulla.
(c) Roscius was an imposter, and that was not his real name.
(d) Roscius (filius) was with him on the night the elder was killed.

5. Who is Mallius Glaucia?
(a) A cousin of Roscius.
(b) A former slave of Magnus.
(c) A friend of Gordianus.
(d) A slave of Cicero.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cicero react to the information Gordianus learned in Ameria?

2. After finishing his conversations at the Bleating Lamb, Gordianus continues on to Ameria. He meets __________ on the road.

3. Who is Chrysogonus?

4. After spending the night at Titus's, Gordianus does what before returning to Rome?

5. What curious comment does Carus make about Roscius (pater)?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Gordianus and Cicero figure out who is leaking information about their investigation?

2. What does Gordianus find out about Roscia that impacts him greatly?

3. Why does Gordianus want to be invited to dinner at the home of Titus Megarus?

4. Who bought Roscius's property at auction?

5. What did Titus and the other local landowners do to try to restore the land to Roscius (filius)?

6. Chapters 16-26 are in a section called Portents. What does that signify?

7. Gordianus goes to the Roscius's villa. Does he have a plan?

8. Titus tells Gordianus that the locals were told that Roscius was on the proscription list and therefore his property would be sold at auction. Why does Gordianus find this odd?

9. What is suspicious about what Carus tells Gordianus?

10. After finding out all he could in Ameria, Gordianus is ready to return to Rome. What does he do first?

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