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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 25, the two slaves tell how Elena died. What was the manner of her death?
(a) She died trying to prevent the Roscii from killing her baby.
(b) She was weak and ill after the birth of her baby, and died in a cart on the way to Rome.
(c) She died giving birth to her baby.
(d) The Roscii cousins killed her immediately.

2. When Gordianus finally arrives at Roscius's farm, whom does he see in the field?
(a) Luius's family.
(b) Glaucia.
(c) Nobody.
(d) Capito.

3. Why does Roscius not want to go to trial?
(a) He is adamant that he is being framed.
(b) He is afraid for what will become of his wife and daughters.
(c) He wishes he could repair the Roscii name.
(d) He is worried he will be killed no matter what.

4. Gordianus talks to Carus at the door of the farm villa. Who is Carus?
(a) A hired manager of the farm.
(b) A slave, once of Roscius, now of Capito.
(c) The son of Capito.
(d) A friend of Roscius.

5. What did Gordianus see the guard doing with blood?
(a) Mopping it all around the floor.
(b) Writing a message on his wall.
(c) Drinking it.
(d) Making a sacrifice to a god.

6. What happens to Gordianus and Tiro as they are leaving Chrysogonus's house?
(a) They get lost and are discovered by Magnus and Glaucia.
(b) They get lost and accidentally stumble into the party.
(c) The have sex wtih the kitchen maid.
(d) They fall down a flight of stairs.

7. What did the second message in blood say?
(a) "Beware the Ides of May."
(b) "Seek revenge and not justice."
(c) "If you do not cease this folly, continued plagues shall come down on you."
(d) "The fool disobeyed. Now he is dead. Let a wiser man take a holiday come the holy Ides of May."

8. How does Gordianus react when Titus mentions the name Chrysogonus?
(a) He does not react at all, because he is not sure he can trust Titus.
(b) He faints and hits his head against the stone wall.
(c) He slaps his hand on his leg and mutters, "I knew it."
(d) He recognizes it as the "partner" Carus told him bought the slaves Felix and Chrestus.

9. Who are Magnus and Capito?
(a) Slaves of Roscius.
(b) Relatives of the tavern owner.
(c) Neighbors of Roscius.
(d) Cousins of Roscius.

10. After finishing his conversations at the Bleating Lamb, Gordianus continues on to Ameria. He meets __________ on the road.
(a) Capito.
(b) Lucius Megarus.
(c) Glaucia.
(d) The blind man.

11. Who does the guard sent by Cicero turn out to be?
(a) A man sent by Roscius to protect Gordianus.
(b) Cicero's guard, as he said.
(c) Someone sent to kill Gordianus.
(d) A spy.

12. What did Gordianus figure out from the two attacks on his house?
(a) That someone in Cicero's circle is leaking information.
(b) That he can no longer stay in Rome.
(c) That Roscius is not who everyone thinks he is.
(d) That Cicero is trying to kill him.

13. Gordianus passes two men on the road, and he believes they are the men who broke into his house in Rome. How does he know this?
(a) One has a bite mark on his arm.
(b) They are riding one of the horses from the same stable-master.
(c) He recognizes their shoes from the footprints they left.
(d) One man has cat scratches on his face.

14. Who is Chrysogonus?
(a) The new owner of the estate.
(b) A hired assassin.
(c) A former slave of Sulla's, who is now free, wealthy, and powerful.
(d) Sulla's son, called the Golden Born.

15. What does Carus show Gordianus on the farm?
(a) Where Capito and Magnus plot.
(b) Secret documents he cannot read.
(c) A new grave.
(d) Where Elena is hidden.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Roscius react to the information about Elena and her baby?

2. How does Cicero respond to Roscia's story when Gordianus tells it to him?

3. After Gordianus and Bethesda return to their house, what does he do?

4. Who is Mallius Glaucia?

5. Where is Tiro supposed to meet Rosica on the next day?

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