Roman Blood Short Essay - Answer Key

Steven Saylor
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1. Describe your first impression of Gordianus.

Gordianus is confident, maybe a little sleazy, and arrogant. He is smart and observant, yet not necessarily a nice guy.

2. Why does Cicero send Tiro instead of a lesser slave to the home of Gordianus?

Cicero is a new advocate (lawyer) and doesn't yet know the accepted protocol for whom to send to someone like Gordianus.

3. What elements of Cicero's home seem to contradict one another?

Cicero's home has some contradictions. It is large and in a wealthy neighborhood, which indicates he has a high status. But inside, the furnishings are sparse and it is obvious that Cicero lives very modestly despite his wealth.

4. What is the purpose of the author's inclusion of the scene where Gordianus and Tiro see a gladiator stabbed while they are walking to Cicero's house?

The scene in which Gordianus and Tiro see a gladiator stabbed demonstrates the dangerous city Rome is. It also serves to depict how naive Tiro is, and how world wise Gordianus is.

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