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Steven Saylor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Justice: Chapters 27 - 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Magnus and Capito finally manage to get the upper hand against Roscius?
(a) They kept Elena's baby alive as leverage.
(b) They tortured him.
(c) They threatened to kill his entire family.
(d) They obtained his copy of their agreement.

2. When this man enters the latrine, what happens?
(a) Gordianus knows he is a dead man.
(b) The other man does nothing.
(c) Gordianus runs away.
(d) He and Gordianus fight.

3. How does Cicero's house indicate his lifestyle?
(a) There are no trappings of wealth.
(b) There are ornate rugs in the entryway.
(c) Many important men gather outside his house.
(d) There is no furniture.

4. Titus Megarus and other landowners tried to petition Sulla to do what?
(a) Revoke the edict against Roscius (pater) and return the land to his son.
(b) Drop the charges against Roscius (filius).
(c) Divide the farm up among all the Roscii family.
(d) Sell the land to one of them.

5. Gordianus asks a boy for directions to the home of Sextus Roscius, and he finds out ______________.
(a) The boy is suspcious of him.
(b) The farm has been abandoned.
(c) The boy now lives on the farm with his family.
(d) The boy lives on the neighboring farm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is revealed in Chapter 32 about the death of Elena's baby?

2. What happened to Elena's baby, according to Felix and Chrestus?

3. When Gordianus tells Roscius what he learned, how does Roscius respond?

4. As Gordianus is relieving himself, who comes into the latrine?

5. In Chapter 25, the two slaves tell how Elena died. What was the manner of her death?

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