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Steven Saylor
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Map of Rome

Using the map in the beginning of the book, create your own artistic version of the map. All work should be done by hand. Students may work in groups, as an entire class, or individually. Some map ideas: a topographical map with elevations shown; a color-coded map indicating the wealthier parts of the city and the seedier parts of the city, etc; a 3-D map with buildings and hills in relief; a plot map indicating sites where important moments in the plot take place;

Character Point of View

Write the opening scene of the book from Cicero's point of view. Can it be done? Why or why not?

Research Cicero

Who was the real Cicero? Was he anything like the one in this novel? To find out, you can read his writings and orations. Ask your teacher or librarian for assistance in locating these resources...

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