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Steven Saylor
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Essay Topic 1

The subject is patricide, or murder of a father. What other works of literature have you read/studied that involve the murder of a father by a son/daughter? Compare at least two of those with Roman Blood.

Essay Topic 2

The first section of Roman Blood is called "High and Low." Discuss the significance of this phrase. In what ways does it apply to Roman society? And also to the murder mystery at hand? How does the author use the juxtaposition of the difference connotations of this phrase to add multiple layers to the book?

Essay Topic 3

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having Gordianus as the narrator of this book?

Essay Topic 4

At the beginning of Chapter 4, Gordianus makes a reference to Oedipus. To what does this allusion refer? Why is it relevant in this story? Compare and contrast the story of Oedipus to...

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