Roman Blood Character Descriptions

Steven Saylor
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Gordianus the Finder

This character is a citizen of Rome from a working-class background who deals primarily with the lower elements of society: the brothels, gambling halls, and taverns.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

This character is a brilliant orator and fearless advocate who neither carouses nor gambles and encourages moderation in all things.

Marcus Tullius Tiro

Exceptionally well-educated for a slave, this character functions in a secretarial capacity and looks down on the more menial aspects of being a slave.

Caecilia Metella

This wealthy, aging Roman socialite is extremely eccentric and is known for lavish parties and a sense of style.


This character is a slave with a fiery temperament who is somewhat petulant, slightly sarcastic, and fiercely loyal.

Marcus Valerius Messalla (Rufus)

This character is a young Roman of a noble family with bearing and demeanor of someone much older.

Sextus Roscius (pater)

This character is a...

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