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Steven Saylor
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Part 1, High and Low: Chapters 1 -15

Chapter 1

• Tiro arrives at the home of Gordianus to secure his help in investigating a murder case.

• Tiro meets Bethesda.

• Gordianus impresses Tiro with his deductive powers.

• Gordianus sizes up Tiro.
• Chapter 2

• Gordianus and Tiro must walk to Cicero's, a good hour-long walk.

• They must walk through some very tough neighborhoods.

• During this walk, Tiro displays his naivete about the world.

• They witness a gladiator being stabbed and a dead woman being carried through a crowd.

• Tiro and Gordianus touch upon the political reality of living under a corrupt dictator.
• Chapter 3

• Gordianus and Tiro arrive at Cicero's house.

• Gordianus uses his observational skills to determine the kind of man Cicero is.

• Gordianus notes Cicero's modest house and furnishings, contrasted to the opulent neighborhood in which he lives.
• Chapter 4: Gordianus meets Cicero for the first time. Cicero thinks he is enticing Gordianus into...

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