Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the white school and grounds like?

The white school is a long white wooden building. Behind the building is a wide sport field with scattered rows of tiered gray-looking benches. The Confederate, Mississippi, and American Flags hang in front of the school.

2. What is the black school and grounds like?

The black school is made up of four weather-beaten wooden houses on stilts of brick. There is a wide crabgrass lawn that is kept short by the caretaker’s cow.

3. When do the black children attend school and why?

The black children attend school from October to March. Many of the students are needed in the fields from early spring when the cotton is planted until after most of the cotton has been picked in the fall, so the school schedule is adjusted accordingly.

4. Why is Cassie disappointed when she sees the new readers at school?

Cassie is excited to have a book of her very own for the very first time. When she sees, the condition of the books, however, she is disappointed. The books are badly worn and the edges of the pages have been marred by pencils, crayons, and ink.

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