Objects & Places from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Good Faith School

This is a group of weather-beaten houses on brick stilts.

Logan Land

This is a place owned by a black family, which frees them from the economic oppression of a former plantation owner.


These have the word “nigra” written prominently on them and symbolize education.

The Pearl-Handled Revolver

A character is nearly lynched because of this item.

The School Bus

This vehicle splashes black children with mud as they walk to school.

The Wallace Store

This is a place where black farmers are charged inflated prices for their supplies.

Stacey's Wool Coat

This early Christmas present causes the recipient to be teased that he looks like a preacher.

Harlan Granger Land

This was a major plantation before the Civil War.

The Mercantile Store in Strawberry

This is a place that sells all types of goods and has an apartment upstairs for the owners.


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