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Chapter 1

• Cassie Logan walks to school with her three brothers: “Little Man” aged 6, Christopher-John aged 7, and Stacey aged 12.

• “Little Man” is excited to be going to school for the first time.

• The children are wearing their Sunday clothes, which are worn and patched, but clean, ironed and starched.

• They wear shoes for the first day of school, but usually they go barefoot unless it is too cold.

• At the beginning of the novel, it is 1933, and Cassie’s father is away working on the railroad in Louisiana.

• Even with both Mama and Papa working, the Logans struggle to pay the mortgage and taxes on the 400-acre farm Cassie’s grandpa purchased from Harlan Granger’s family.

• T.J. and Claude Avery, whose family are sharecroppers, join the Logan children on the walk to school.

• T.J. tells them that the Berrys were burned by white men, and then...

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