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Richard Marcinko
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the Executive Officer to Dick Coogan?
(a) Mark Johnson.
(b) Paul Hobbes.
(c) Scott Sullivan.
(d) Don Meyers.

2. How many SEALs does Richard take to Beirut, Lebanon to check on U.S. Embassy security in December of 1982?
(a) 24.
(b) 75.
(c) 10.
(d) 45.

3. What happened to the swim partner who accidentally killed the man in #135?
(a) He was shipped back to Washington D.C.
(b) He was expelled from the SEALS.
(c) He was brought up on charges.
(d) He took some time off before returning to duty.

4. Who did Richard brief in May 1974?
(a) The Joint Chiefs of Staff.
(b) The Vice Admiral.
(c) The Secretary of Defense.
(d) The President.

5. Richard's favorite international partner was ____________________.
(a) Brigadier General Woolf.
(b) Brigadier General Wolfson.
(c) Brigadier General Womat.
(d) Brigadier General Wegener.

6. SEAL Team Six began their training with ___________________.
(a) no direction.
(b) no equipment.
(c) real P.O.W.s.
(d) live ammunition.

7. Richard borrowed a cruise ship from what cruise line for some training exercises?
(a) Princess.
(b) Norwegian.
(c) Carnival.
(d) Royal Caribbean.

8. The anti-terrorism unit was composed of ____________ men.
(a) 200.
(b) 75.
(c) 125.
(d) 10.

9. Richard received low reports in the area of ____________________.
(a) anti-terrorism.
(b) weapons.
(c) espionage.
(d) fitness to command.

10. Training exercises in Egypt are disastrous because _______________________.
(a) Egyptian officers could enslave privates.
(b) The Nile River flooded the entire time.
(c) The desert is inhospitable.
(d) The men got sick from sunstroke.

11. Where did Richard work when he and his family moved back to Washington D.C.?
(a) The White House.
(b) The CIA.
(c) The FBI.
(d) The Pentagon.

12. A Marine who joined Richard's group in #165 was specialized in __________________.
(a) languages.
(b) explosives.
(c) burglary.
(d) espionage.

13. What did Richard do to show his men that he would not ask them to do anything he would not do himself?
(a) Swam naked in freezing water.
(b) Parachuted from a commercial airplane.
(c) Shaved his head.
(d) Endured torture training.

14. What did Richard note about the U.S. Embassy in Beirut when he first approached it?
(a) Anyone could ram a truck up to it and blow it up.
(b) It was in a bad area of the city.
(c) It was a very small building.
(d) It was a magnificent structure.

15. When did Richard undergo the ritual of changing of command?
(a) May 1988.
(b) October 1974.
(c) August 1949.
(d) June 1966.

Short Answer Questions

1. A new anti-terrorism unit was called ______________________.

2. The man in #148 was of which nationality?

3. To what rank was Richard promoted in February 1985?

4. Why did Richard have a reprimand on his record?

5. What was the name of the bar which became the base of operations for Richard's new unit?

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