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Richard Marcinko
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. PBR is an acronym for ______________________ unit.
(a) Privacy Beats Recognition.
(b) Privates Beat Recruits.
(c) Platoon Bravo Recruits.
(d) Patrol Boat River.

2. How did Richard realize the jump was a training exercise?
(a) It is done with partners.
(b) It is near Virginia.
(c) It is done in daylight.
(d) He has harmless ammunition.

3. What did the men do after their intense SEAL training?
(a) Wrote letters.
(b) Slept.
(c) Went to bars.
(d) Prayed.

4. Richard and his men went out on a PBR boat to ______________ Crossing where the Vietcong have been seen.
(a) Juliet.
(b) Mao.
(c) Ambrose.
(d) Malai.

5. Which of Richard's men ran openly in the street instead of taking cover?
(a) Jonesboro.
(b) Hall.
(c) Risher.
(d) Morgan.

6. Richard's unit is set up along the ______________ River.
(a) Rhine.
(b) Seine.
(c) Ohio.
(d) Bassac.

7. Adam Henry commandeered a ______________ boat.
(a) Pat.
(b) Mike.
(c) Milton.
(d) Dirk.

8. Richard and his frogman friend became known as Mr. Geek and ___________________.
(a) Mr. Green.
(b) Mr. Mud.
(c) Mr. Toad.
(d) Mr. Ribbit.

9. Richard met girls from which local university?
(a) Stanford.
(b) Duke.
(c) Rutgers.
(d) Harvard.

10. Who was Richard's wife?
(a) Mary-Ellen.
(b) Marie.
(c) Kathy-Ann.
(d) Betty-Sue.

11. Richard's new unit is which platoon?
(a) 3.
(b) 1.
(c) 8.
(d) 15.

12. Richard was sent to Defense Intelligence School to become ____________________________.
(a) the Naval Attache in Cambodia.
(b) a CIA agent.
(c) a Senator.
(d) an Admiral.

13. Some of Richard's fitness reports were outstanding but other reports complained of _____________________.
(a) his alcoholism.
(b) his anger.
(c) his aggression.
(d) his unreliability.

14. Richard graduated as a/an __________________ after officers' candidate school.
(a) Civil Engineer.
(b) Chaplain.
(c) Lieutenant.
(d) Ensign.

15. Richard decided to make his career in ___________________.
(a) the Army.
(b) the Marines.
(c) the Navy.
(d) the Air Force.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard was part of what squad in Chapter 9?

2. Richard was given command of a _____________ SEAL unit.

3. Who did Richard's unit rescue during the Tet Offensive?

4. Which of Richard's men fired a huge anti-tank weapon at enemy troops in Chapter 11?

5. Where does Richard get his parachute training?

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