Rogue Warrior Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard Marcinko
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1. What is Richard Marcinko doing as the book begins?

The author, Richard Marcinko jumps out of a C-130 plane with his men. It is dark as he drops from very high up toward Vieques Island, off Puerto Rico. Richard's first parachute is snagged and cannot open properly. His second parachute is also tangled, but with a struggle he untangles it and opens it. At 10,000 feet, he begins to steer the open parachute so he can land at the planned spot.

2. What is the training mission Richard and his men are undertaking?

Richard leads a unit of 56 SEAL Unit Six parachute jumpers from a plane that has flown from Norfolk, Virginia. On the ground, Richard sees his Executive Officer, Paul Henley, and deploys his men toward a site supposed to hold the terrorist group, the Macheteros. The men connect by radio to army intelligence and get intelligence from satellite pictures.

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