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Richard Marcinko
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The man in #26 ruined the men's party time at Vieques Island by ________________________.
(a) not allowing women on the base.
(b) enforcing strict curfews.
(c) making the men clean up the area.
(d) refusing to allow the men to have liquor.

2. Richard and his frogman friend became known as Mr. Geek and ___________________.
(a) Mr. Mud.
(b) Mr. Ribbit.
(c) Mr. Green.
(d) Mr. Toad.

3. What is the nickname for Executive Officer?
(a) Big Cheese.
(b) XO.
(c) Ex Admin.
(d) Top Rung.

4. Who was the Chinese-American soldier killed by his swim partner in live ammunition exercises?
(a) Donnie Lee.
(b) Mao Lee.
(c) Paul Lee.
(d) Kim Lee.

5. Who was the CIA intelligence chief near Chau Doc?
(a) Mack Strasser.
(b) Jake McEntire.
(c) Sam Patterson.
(d) Drew Dix.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard called in an article in Male magazine?

2. Richard was assigned a staff position at which naval base?

3. Richard heard about which American government official in negotiations about Cambodia?

4. Why did Richard have a problem with the man in #107?

5. Richard was angry about the clandestine treacherous coordination between ARVN friendly troops and ______________.

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