Objects & Places from Rogue Warrior

Richard Marcinko
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This is Richard Marcinko's excuse for going off on his own battle plan and setting up ambushes for the enemy.


They are one of the top Special Forces units in the U.S. military.

VC, Vietcong, Charlie, Victor Charlie

This is the enemy of Richard and the U.S. Armed Forces in the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam.


These are Chinese-ethnic mercenaries who fight alongside of U.S. Special Forces.


These are designations of different methods of parachute jumps.

ARVN, Marvin the ARVN

Richard faults the them for their lack of aggressiveness and coming out in force after a battle has already been won, in order to take various goods and souvenirs.

IBIS, IBS, Inflatable Boat SEAL

These crews are the basic building blocks of SEAL units.

PBR, Patrol Boat River

These are larger boats whose task is to interdict enemy river...

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