Rogue Warrior Character Descriptions

Richard Marcinko
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Richard, Richard Marcinko, Mr. Dick, Mr Rick, Demo Dick

He is the central character of the book who decides to enlist in the Navy and soon decides that his goal is to become a Special Forces operative.

Ace Lyons, Captain Ace Lyons, Vice Admiral Ace Lyons

He represents the leadership in the Navy that supports Richard's projects and protects him from more cautious bureaucrats.

Ted Lyon

He is representative of the Navy bureaucrats that harass and hinder Richard Marcinko's projects.

Everett Barrett

He is an explosives ordnance specialist who lost a finger playing with explosives; he curses a lot and is quite rough with his men.

Admiral William Crowe, Bill Crowe

When Richard is working on intelligence at the Pentagon, he brings reports to this man who is deputy to the Chief Navy Officer.

Kathy Ann Black, Kathy Ann Marcinko

She lives in a small house in Virginia...

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