Rogue Warrior Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Marcinko
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Part I, Geek, Chapters 1 and 2

• The book's author, Richard Marcinko, jumped out of a plane with his SEAL unit of 56 parachute jumpers in Puerto Rico.

• On the ground, Richard saw his Executive Officer, Paul Henley, and deployed his men to a site supposedly housing the terrorist group, the Macheteros.

• Richard noted the light, harmless ammunition in his gun and is jolted back to reality that this was only a training mission.

• Richard was disappointed that he was not attacking real terrorists.
• A soldier named Indian Jew did reconnaissance and Richard was able to sneak around the back of a warehouse, where he saw a man at a desk in the building.

• Richard's team advanced and shot the man at the desk with red dye bullets.

• The men made it back to their landing zone to be picked up by helicopters and flown to an Air Force base.

• Richard...

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