Rocket to the Moon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What conflict exists between Belle and Stark at the beginning of Rocket to the Moon?

At the beginning of Rocket to the Moon, Belle and Stark are in conflict over her father. Her father wants to give Stark money to improve his business, but he also wants to come live with the married couple.

2. How does Belle feel about her father?

Belle is angry with her father and has been for several years. She thinks her father caused her mother to have an unhappy life. Belle is especially bitter about this, and her mother has recently passed away.

3. In terms of the relationship between her and Stark, what name does Belle refer to herself as and why?

Belle refers to herself as "the terrible wife." Belle calls herself this because she fears that Stark sees her as overbearing and demanding, but she is trying to be efficient in how she and Stark run their life and business.

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