Rocket to the Moon Fun Activities

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Casting Session

Pulling from current stars in the media today, cast the characters in the play. Using visual media, create a playbill for Rocket to the Moon using photos of these actors.

Sublease Ad

Cleo is assigned the task of placing an ad in the paper to sublease Belle and Stark's apartment. Imagine Cleo is angry when she places the ad. Write the ad to demonstrate her anger, including specific details about her interactions between Belle and Stark.

Dentist Office Ad

The office of Stark's and Cooper is in serious need of business. Create an ad designed to entice locals to stop in for a cleaning. In the ad, include at least three pieces of factual information from the text.

Style Wars

Choose one of the characters in Rocket to the Moon. Put together a costume for the character, based on the description found in the text. Hold...

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