Objects & Places from Robinson Crusoe

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After Crusoe beings to think about his spiritual condition, he finds this helpful to read.

Cross Calendar

This is how Cruse tracks time when he is on the island.

Crusoe’s Bower

This is a valley where Crusoe builds a country retreat or second home.


Finding this on the beach shows Crusoe’s conflicting desires to have human companionship, but also to be safe from the cannibals.


Crusoe did not have a strong belief in this deity before he was shipwrecked, but he began to believe and depend on this deity through his experiences.


These help Crusoe have power over animals and people. They also help Crusoe to survive when he is on his own.


This is where Crusoe spends over 30 years on his own until Friday and then others join him.


This is something that is very valuable in society, but...

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