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Essay Topic 1

Crusoe believes that the misfortunes he has may be caused by not listening to his father. What misfortunes does Crusoe face because he ignores advice, and why does Crusoe believe that fate and destiny are behind the misfortunes that he faces?

Essay Topic 2

Crusoe is captured and made a slave, but he still makes plans to get slaves from Africa for his plantation. What are Crusoe’s views about slavery, and what do his views reveal about the attitude toward slavery in the seventeenth century? Are his view affected by his own experiences as a slave?

Essay Topic 3

Crusoe sells Xury to the captain of the ship that rescues him. How would you describe the relationship between the two men, and what does their relationship reveal about the attitude toward non-whites in the seventeenth century?

Essay Topic 4

After being on the island for a time, Crusoe...

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