Robinson Crusoe Character Descriptions

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Captain of the Guinea Trading Ship

This character befriends the main character and treats him well. He dies on a voyage and leaves behind a wife.

Captain's Widow

This character’s husband dies, and she oversees the main character’s money and becomes his agent in London.

Comrade in Hull

This character’s father is master of a ship, and he helps a friend take a voyage on the sea that ends in a wreck.

The Comrade's Father

This character is the master of the first ship that the main character travels on, and he advises the main character to give up on going to sea after a wreck.

Robinson Crusoe

This character spurns his father’s advice and goes to sea, where he ends up being a slave and then the sole inhabitant on an uninhabited island.


This character is a native rescued from cannibals by the...

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