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Chapters 1-3 - Start in Life to Wrecked on a Desert Island

• Robinson Crusoe is the narrator of the story.

• He was born in 1632 in York, England.

• His father immigrated from Germany, and married a woman whose family name was Robinson.

• Crusoe’s family name was Kreutznaer, but was corrupted to Crusoe.

• Crusoe is the youngest of three sons.

• The eldest was a lieutenant-colonel and died in battle.

• The second son disappeared and no one knew what happened to him.

• When Crusoe has an urge to go to sea, his father tells him that he needs to stay home and be content with his lot in life.

• Crusoe’s father forbids him to go to sea, and he promises that he will help Crusoe find a career.

• Crusoe tries to do what his father tells him, but all he can think about is adventure at sea.

• Crusoe is...

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