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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did many migrant workers in America during the late 1960s live?

2. What operation launched by the CIA in Cuba also met with disastrous results?

3. What did Robert Kennedy see on reservations in the 1960s?

4. To whom did Robert Kennedy turn to guide him through agricultural areas in the late 1960s and to understand how people lived?

5. What was happening in America in 1968?

Short Essay Questions

1. What action did the Pentagon take in Vietnam against the advice of Robert Kennedy?

2. What happened during the 1963 election campaign that devastated Robert Kennedy?

3. What difficult decision did Robert Kennedy take after the Tet Offensive?

4. After Robert Kennedy left the government, what changes happened in the Justice Department?

5. How did Robert Kennedy differ from Lyndon B. Johnson on national issues?

6. What did Robert Kennedy think about the war in Vietnam?

7. What did Robert Kennedy do to improve American foreign policy in 1963?

8. Robert Kennedy emerged as a champion of the rights of certain people. Who were they?

9. Where did Robert Kennedy put his attention in 1967?

10. Why did America's reputation suffer in the early 1960s?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In your opinion, if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated, what do you think would have been different in the political scene? What effect would this have on Robert Kennedy's political aspirations? What effect would this have had on civil rights legislation? Explain your thoughts.

Essay Topic 2

Describe some of the settings for this book. What is the overall setting? Be sure to include geography, time period, and any pertinent popular culture events. How does the location of these events affect the understanding of the book?

Essay Topic 3

Both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy are important characters.

Part 1) Compare John F. Kennedy to Robert Kennedy. How were these two brothers similar and how were they different?

Part 2) What inspirational purpose did Robert's role in the justice department offer John F. Kennedy? Elaborate on this.

Part 3) What effect did John F. Kennedy's assassination have on Robert Kennedy in the immediate short-term and the long-term? Explain.

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