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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What conclusion did Robert Kennedy come to after his Latin American trip?
(a) That they should concede defeat to Communist dictators.
(b) That they should bring in troops.
(c) That the administration would have to pick and choose what problems to address.
(d) That Latin America was too difficult to deal with.

2. What was the name of the insurgent guerrilla force in southern Vietnam in the 1960s?
(a) Diem.
(b) Nguyen.
(c) Chi Minh.
(d) Viet Cong.

3. After the Bay of Pigs Incident, how did American politicians differ on what to do next?
(a) Conservatives wanted to overthrow the Kennedy administration while liberals wanted to send a diplomatic mission to Cuba.
(b) Conservatives pressed for an all out invasion while Robert Kennedy was concerned with securing the release of American prisoners.
(c) Joe McCarthy won support among conservatives to run against Robert Kennedy as Attorney General.
(d) Liberals encouraged the use of arms while conservatives proposed an air strike.

4. What did Robert Kennedy try to do to help the poor in America?
(a) Offer them housing alternatives.
(b) Put them on islands far away from urban centers.
(c) Bring them into the mainstream of an abundant society.
(d) Segregate them.

5. Who signed a limited test ban treaty in 1963?
(a) Cuba and the Soviet Union.
(b) United States and Vietnam.
(c) Cuba and Vietnam.
(d) United States and the Soviet Union.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Robert Kennedy announced his Presidential candidacy in 1968, what happened within his own party?

2. What happened to John Kennedy in Texas in November 1963?

3. Why did some Americans believe that staying in Vietnam was important?

4. Instead of bombing Vietnam, what did Robert Kennedy propose?

5. What became the new policy of the Johnson administration toward Latin America in the 1960s?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Robert Kennedy labeled a "reformer" during the Vietnam War?

2. What did Robert Kennedy discover when he traveled abroad?

3. What did Robert Kennedy think were the most important issues facing America?

4. Why did America's reputation suffer in the early 1960s?

5. What difficult decision did Robert Kennedy take after the Tet Offensive?

6. Where did Cesar Chavez take Robert Kennedy, and what effect did it have on Kennedy?

7. What action did the Pentagon take in Vietnam against the advice of Robert Kennedy?

8. How did the role of the Alliance for Progress change under the Johnson administration?

9. What did Robert Kennedy warn the U.S. government about in Latin America?

10. After Robert Kennedy left the government, what changes happened in the Justice Department?

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