Objects & Places from Robert Kennedy and His Times

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Boston Post

This newspaper hires a famous Harvard graduate to become its foreign correspondent.

Teamsters Union

This organization of transportation workers is led by a controversial leader associated with the mob.


This organization of automobile workers is believed to be less corrupt.

Brown v. Board of Education

This monumental court case declares school segregation unconstitutional.

Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity

This organization is created by the President to create solutions for affirmative action in government.


This organization is founded by a famous civil rights leader from the south.

Ole Miss

This university in Mississippi is notorious for being the site of a civil rights showdown.

University of Alabama

This university in the south is also the site of a civil rights showdown and eventually gave in under Governor Wallace.

Hyannis Port, Massachusetts

This place is the location of the family compound of a famous Presidential family...

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