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Chapters 1-5: the Family, The Father, The War, The Third Son, The Brothers: I

• In the first five chapters of the book, Schlesinger establishes how Irish immigrants were not popular in America in the 1800s.

• The daughter of a wealthy Irish family, Rose Fitzgerald fell in love and married Joseph (Joe) Patrick Kennedy despite objections from her father.

• Joe was a banking millionaire by 26, and he moved the family to New York where he entered politics in hopes of gaining power.
• Joe became the chair of the Securities Commission under the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

• Joe and Rose had 9 children including John and Robert Kennedy.

• Appointed Ambassador to England, Joe disapproved of the war.

• Three sons enlisted. John got injured and Joe Jr. died when his plane exploded.

• Daughter Rosemary suffered from mental illness while Kathleen would be killed in a plane crash a few years later...

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