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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Robber Bride, Chapters 39-49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Anthea die in Chapter 23?
(a) A drug overdose.
(b) A plane crash.
(c) A heart attack.
(d) An accidental drowning.

2. In Chapter 14, why does Roz take the Benz rather than the Rolls to the office?
(a) She thinks the Rolls is ostentatious.
(b) The Rolls needs a brake job.
(c) The Rolls has a flat tire.
(d) The Benz is her lucky car.

3. When Karen is sent to live with Aunt Vi, what does her grandmother give her?
(a) A new wardrobe.
(b) A wishbone.
(c) A necklace.
(d) Money.

4. What does Tony say near the end of Chapter 1 about beginning and ending points in the study of history?
(a) All choices are arbitrary.
(b) Wars mark them.
(c) There is always one clear choice.
(d) The birth of kings and other rulers dictate them.

5. How does Tony's father, Griff, behave in Chapter 23 once his wife leaves him?
(a) He starts beating Tony.
(b) He leaves Tony in the care of relatives.
(c) He is a lot happier and remarries.
(d) He becomes drunk and depressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 1, what does Tony believe motivated Zenia's behavior?

2. What tale does Zenia tell Roz when invited to Roz's house for a drink?

3. Who does Tony describe in Chapter 1 as "a puzzle, a knot"?

4. After Zenia leaves him in Chapter 26, to whom does West turn for comfort and eventually marry?

5. In Chapter 1, to whom does Tony say that history is a construct?

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