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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Robber Bride, Chapters 39-49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following women was the first to befriend Zenia?
(a) Shanita.
(b) Charis.
(c) Tony.
(d) Roz.

2. What was McClung Hall before it became an office building?
(a) A women's residence hall.
(b) A new age store.
(c) A candle shop.
(d) A men's residence hall.

3. What does Zenia claim to be when she seeks Roz's help in gaining employment at WiseWomanWorld?
(a) A photographer.
(b) A teacher.
(c) An editor.
(d) A journalist.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 1, what has been erased, bandaged over and deliberately snarled?
(a) Tony's career.
(b) Zenia's accounts of herself.
(c) Roz's marriage to Mitch.
(d) Tony's marriage to West.

5. The shop at which Charis works sells what kind of things?
(a) Books.
(b) New age knickknacks.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements is not true about Anthea's relationship with Tony after she leaves Tony's father?

2. Who does Tony say in Chapter 1 "was a bad business, and should be left alone"?

3. At what age does Karen first meet her grandmother in Chapter 33?

4. Why does Zenia claim to be taking a yoga class in Chapter 31?

5. What kind of work does Charis do in Chapter 29?

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