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The Toxique

This place is a trendy restaurant and nightspot.

Kafay Nwar

This place is a coffee shop.


This place sells crystals and other new age accouterments.


Due to the recession, the owner of this place changes its format and name and turns it into a shop for the budgetary-minded.

McClung Hall

This place was once a dormitory residence and now serves as office space.

Third Floor, Headwinds

This place is the trade name for a musicology practice.

The Island

This place is a ferry's ride from Toronto.

The Ferry

This is the place from which the three main characters give the antagonist's ashes a final send off.

The Arnold Garden Hotel

This place is where the story's antagonist stays and where the three main characters each have their final confrontations with the antagonist.

The Fountain

This place is where the antagonist's body is found.

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