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Find a Newspaper Article Reminiscent of Zenia

Find a newspaper or magazine article that reminds you of one of Zenia's deaths, either her supposed death due to a terrorist bombing or her actual demise from a drug overdose. Be prepared to share your article with the class and explain how it reminds you of Zenia.

Keep a Journal

Imagine you're Roz, Charis, Tony or West. Write a journal entry for the day you found out Zenia was still alive after thinking her dead for five years.

Create a Poem

Write a poem as if you are a character in "The Robber Bride." The poem can be in any style and can be written from any time period in the book, i.e. from before Zenia's supposed death by a Lebanese terrorist bomb or after it.

Find Pictures to Represent Zenia and Friends

Cut pictures from magazines that resemble...

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