The Robber Bride Character Descriptions

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Tony Fremont

This character is often described as doll-like or tiny.

Roz Andrews, nee Grunwald (Greenwood)

This character's parents married outside the Catholic church, and the character is both Catholic and Jewish in heritage.

Charis (Karen)

This character's childhood baggage includes physical abuse, sexual molestation, rape, being shuttled around from one relative to the next and having an inheritance stolen by a conniving uncle.


This character makes up several different versions of her personal history, each apparently custom-designed to gain maximum sympathy from her intended audience.


This character is introspective, studious and artistic and yet desperately wishes to be adventurous, bold and daring.

Mitch Andrews

This character is the stereotypical philanderer with commitment phobia.


This character is an absolute piece of work with no apparent redeeming qualities.

Anthea Fremont

This character is restless and bored and always runs away from problems rather than attempting to...

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