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Onset, Chapter 1

• Tony wants to tell the story of Zenia's life and searches for a starting point.
• Since Zenia lied so much, Tony isn't sure which of Zenia's many accounts of herself is true.
• Tony wants to figure out what motivated Zenia but wonders if there is any point in doing so at this late date with Zenia having already caused so much damage.
• Zenia is a puzzle, and as a historian, Tony believes puzzles can be solved.
• Tony decides to begin Zenia's story on October 23, 1990, the day Zenia returns from the dead.

The Toxique, Chapters 2-16

• Tony recalls that Zenia's memorial service occurred five years earlier, and Zenia was killed by a terrorist's bomb in Lebanon.

• Tony serves breakfast to her husband, West, and recalls that she didn't tell West about Zenia's memorial service, yet he knew about it because she found a square hole in the...

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