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Short Answer Questions

1. When Mary disagrees with Bart, what does she say when she eventually gives in?

2. What does Bart admit to Olivia about his plans for himself?

3. What does Bart say he will do with the money if the hitchhiker does not take it?

4. What happens to Olivia on her third night in Vegas?

5. What time does Bart wake up on the day after he sets the fires?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it important that Bart runs into Drake in the den at the New Year's Eve party?

2. What does Bart plan to do with the five hundred dollars he has in his pocket on December 12th?

3. Why is Bart's backyard different this winter than it has been in the past?

4. Explain Walt Hamner's Principle of The Pleasure Push.

5. What are Bart's concerns regarding going to a New Year's Eve party at Walt Hamner's house?

6. Why does Bart tell Steve Ordner that the Waterford plant is a bad Idea?

7. When talking to Steve Ordner, on January 18th, what does Bart threaten Steve with?

8. Who does Bart run into at the mall and what is this person doing now?

9. Why does Steve Ordner claim that Bart is becoming paranoid?

10. Why does Bart think the laundry needs to shut down on November 28th?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Bart's mental status throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Does Bart's "insanity" explain his actions, or is there more behind it?

Essay Topic 3

What does music mean to Bart?

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